Benefits and drawbacks of enabling team members

by gblancken

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In my 17 years as a small business owner I thought I had a pretty good thing going.  That is…  until today.

The team at Blancken Insurance Group feels free to bring great ideas to us and we listen!   I did not realize how great it could be until a team member suggested something new and made it happen.

Depending on my team to help make our business grow is essential to our success.  They have brought ideas to make BIG a better place to work (which attracts GREAT people) and ideas that enable us to serve our clients with professionalism.

The idea that came to fruition today was a cookie swap.  The team gave me a pass on cooking since I provided lunch for all.  It turned into a huge success as you can see.  It was a fun event that brought us all closer and will surely make us a bigger (in more ways than one) and better agency!

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