Workers Compensation

Why Every Industry Needs a Tailor-Made Workers Compensation Policy

Each industry’s workers face different occupational hazards, which means there’s no such thing as a one size fits all workers compensation policy. An effective policy takes into account the particular hazards of the workers’ environment and meets the needs faced by those employees.

Here are some of the hazards workers in particular industries face:

  • Contractors workers comp policies need to cover injuries from dangerous environments, equipment failures, and potential long-term disability due to serious accidents.
  • Workmans comp for medical workers should cover an entirely different set of possibilities, such as illness contracted on the job, back injuries from repetitive lifting of patients, and other hazards medical workers face.
  • Pawn shop workers and liquor store employees need policies to cover things such as carpel tunnel syndrome caused by repetitive money counting and protection from injuries sustained in a robbery.
  • Hospitality workers face a range of job hazards, including slips and falls or back injuries from carrying supplies.
  • Industrial workers comp coverage should include a variety of potential hazards, including coverage for injuries while working with heavy machinery, knee and back injuries from repetitive lifting of heavy objects, and potential illness resulting from breathing chemicals.
  • Fitness instructors need workmans comp to cover pulled muscles and ligaments or even broken bones. These policies can include protection for injuries caused by faulty equipment, overworking muscles and joints, or even the hazards of instructing clients.

At BIG of Texas, we employ agents with expertise in this type of insurance who are able to address the needs of your industry. From lifeguards to woodworkers, we’re able to tailor a policy to cover the inevitability many workers face on the job.

When you call, we’ll set up a personalized consultation to discuss your work environment, what situations your workers face, and the best way to protect your employees from the hazards faced on the job. We can also provide separate policies for liability insurance such as EPLI and E&O in addition to commercial auto insurance, property insurance and more. Our goal is to become a one stop shop for all of your Texas business’s needs. Contact an agent today to find out more about how we can make finding the right commercial insurance convenient and hassle free.